About Us

Here at NRL we believe that "exceptional" service is the key to success in our business.

Recognizing that "exceptional" service takes on unique meanings for different customers is
essential to ensuring customer satisfaction. One customer may regard "exceptional"
service as automatically showing up at his facilities when his extinguishers are due for the
required maintenance. While another customer may consider telephoning to set up an
appointment before showing up at his facilities for annual maintenance as "exceptional"
service. Still another may view courteous responses like "Yes Sir!" and "Thank you very
much Mrs.Smith!" as "exceptional" service.

No matter what "exceptional" service means to you, it is our goal to meet and exceed those

To help remind us of the need to give each customer special treatment, we have a motto.

The NRL Fire Protection Services, Inc. motto is:
"Where life, safety, and the customer comes first!"

Your satisfaction with our service enables our company to grow and better serve you!