CT License # FRP.0041099-F1

NRL Fire Protection Services offers a complete single-source solution for fire sprinkler systems. We provide efficient turnaround at every aspect during the design & installation phase through system acceptance and after-installation service. Whatever your application, we have the high-quality products and expertise to meet your needs. Whether a new fire sprinkler installation or a retrofit, we provide the competitive features that building managers require.

Regardless of size or type, every NRL Fire Protection Services system is installed and serviced by our own field personnel.

Professional project managers assure that installations proceeds according to specifications & subsequent service is performed to NFPA standards.

NRL Fire Protection Services, Inc. residential & commercial sprinkler systems have a proven track record of providing the critical time needed for a person to escape from a fire and allow time for a fire department to respond before the fire becomes a threat to life & considerable property damage.

COST: Once thought to be too expensive, residential & commercial sprinkler systems can cost as little as 2% of the total cost of the property. In the case of a fire, sprinklered residential and commercial establishments have far less damage from water -- up to 85% less. Plus, fire damage costs are 10 times greater in an un-sprinklered property.

NRL Fire Protection Services, Inc. provides quality residential & commercial fire sprinkler systems with reliable service to our customers. Our staff has years of experience in residential & commercial sprinkler installation and design. This experience frequently results in real dollar savings to our customers, particularly when available water supplies and/or pressure is limited.

We keep abreast of new developments in materials that will enhance design and reduce cost to our customers. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery and quality workmanship.

VISIBILITY: Sprinklers can be concealed out of sight with no more than a 3/4" cap showing. Custom caps and covers are available in a range of colors.

HOW IT WORKS: When the heat from a fire reaches anywhere between 155 degrees and 165 degrees F, the cap drops away and a fusible link or glass bulb activates in the sprinkler. Water discharges, generally from only the one sprinkler head.