NRL Fire Protection Services, Inc. installs all types of suppression and range/kitchen hood system. From design through installation, our services and personnel appreciate the importance of meeting your deadlines and minimizing disruptions to your business and staff.

Every system is uniquely designed and specified, taking into account the characteristics of the risk and the premises being protected.

Our designers use the most advanced procedures to define each detail of the total system.
Each system is fully tested and approved prior to being turned over to our customer.

How They Work:

ANSUL Systems

1) When a fire starts, either the fusible link detection network will automatically detect the fire or the manual pull station can be used, releasing a low pH agent throughout the hood, duct and onto the appliance.

2) Either method will interrupt gas or electrical power to the appliances preceding system discharge.

3) The Amerex KP agent quickly extinguishes the flame and cools the hazard down while securing the fire with a smothering foam reaction.

KIDDIE Systems

1. Fire is detected by HEAT DETECTORS which activate the KIDDIE KRS-50 CONTROL BOX. ( or the MANUAL PULL STATION is activated ).... causing the CYLINDER VALVE TO OPEN.

2. Pressure stored in the CYLINDER propels the KIDDE WET CHEMICAL through the SYSTEM PIPING and out of strategically located NOZZLES onto the fire, the KIDDE SYSTEM automatically shuts off appliances to remove the heat source.

3. KIDDIE WET CHEMICAL knocks down flames quickly and forms a protective layer that suppresses fire and prevents fire re-flash.